Kids Eyecare

 At Avery Opticians, we place a great importance in children's eye care.

It's not all about 2 for 1 offers- sometimes kids don't even need glasses but just the reassurance that their eyes are growing well. 

Eye development helps learning development.

Simple school eye screening is not enough. 

We use our expertise and experience in paediatric eye care to assess your childs eyes properly.

It’s always helpful to familiarise your child with common symbols that they may see during their eye examination here.
We have special ways of testing kids from the age of three. Tests are free!
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Hospital eye clinic vouchers are welcome!

Infact we specialise in dispensing kids spectacle prescriptions.

With some glasses, the total cost can be covered by the NHS voucher.

We also have a range of extra durable glasses too. Check out Miraflex and Tomato glasses for kids. 

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made from very durable materials. head band supplied. no screws falling out. 

Tomato glasses

New specialist fitting kids specs made from durable materials and wonderful colours. head band also supplied can be worn with or without. No screw joints so lenses dont fall out.

                         The latest popular styles for kids and teens are the new Ray-Ban Junior!