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    Welcome all!

    Welcome to Avery Opticians today.

    We, the team here at Avery Opticians, have decided to create a space where we can express ourselves and share what is important to us. This could be anything from new frame ranges we're excited about, to advances in treatments for various optical conditions, to interesting news in our community, and even Charlton's football results!

    We are an opticians. We are here primarily, first and foremost, to care for your eyes. We are also somewhere you can get some fashionable new glasses, because lets face it, if you have to wear them, why not wear them well? Finally though, we are a part of a community. We want to get to know our customers, engage in what they find interesting, and share our interests too. 

    So please, get involved; visit us and meet our team, contact us and tell us what you want to see from your community optician. Enjoy reading what we share with you, and share it with others too! 

    Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day.

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