Children's Eyecare

At Avery Opticians, we place a great importance in children’s eye care.

We use our expertise and experience in paediatric eye care to assess your childs eyes properly.

It’s always helpful to familiarise your child with common symbols that they may see during their eye examination here.

We have special ways of testing children from the age of 2 or even younger.

Children’s eye tests are NHS funded and are free at Avery Opticians.

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Hospital eye service vouchers and prescriptions are welcome!

Infact we specialise in dispensing children’s spectacle prescriptions.

We continually make great efforts to carefully source, select and stock our children’s frames.

Whilst with some frames, the cost can be covered by the NHS voucher, we also have a range of extra durable, specialist fitting frames that can save you lots of time in multiple return visits for repairs.

Check out Tomato glasses Uk, Miraflex, Centrostyle, and Ray-Ban junior.

Made from durable materials with a range of great colours, these flexible light weight frames save multiple re-visits to the optician’s for repairs.

They can be worn with or without the headband and each frame will be supplied with its own spare parts and repair kit and case.

Age ranges from 0-16.

These frames are highly sought after worldwide and are recommended by our resident optometrists and dispensing opticians.

These flexible and safe frames have no metal parts and are BPA free, rubber free, latex free and also hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial.

They offer an anatomically designed bridge that eliminates the need for nose pads. The elastic headband assures that the frame remains seated properly on the face with tensors that take up any elastic slack.

With 15 sizes, 6 models and 32 colours this range covers from baby to early teens.

Zoobug is a specialist brand of award-winning children’s frames from London.

Designed by an ophthalmologist for a better customised fit to help children see well & look amazing.

Same great style as the grown-up version, in a size designed specifically for kids – you can choose from classic or on-trend frames and lenses.

It’s not just a name that you pay for here. Our opticians have found these frames to be extra durable with some models being made from extra light weight materials.

With an exciting colour range comes size options to help personalise the fit of each frame.

Sports glasses and swimming goggles

Whether it’s football, basketball, rugby, tennis or badminton, we can supply super strong wrap around sports frames for nearly  all prescriptions.  See our amazing range of Progear and Rec-specs.

Myopia control

We are now able to offer your child an alternative to standard glasses in helping to prevent or slow down progressing shortsightedness.

Contact lenses are even now available in the form of Coopervision’s amazing new 1 day dual focus lens designed for children and controlling their shortsightedness progression. Please check with our Optometrist for suitability.  (more info coming soon)